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What is CAD conversion

What is a 2D CAD Conversion of a Technical Drawing?

CAD conversion or “Vectorising” is the process of taking drawings held on paper, pdf, jpg, tiff etc and converting these to intelligent vector (CAD) format. This means dumb drawings held on paper, pdf, jpg, tiff etc can easily be converted into intelligent CAD files.

So How do CAD Conversions Take Place?

Firstly, if necessary, paper drawings are scanned and saved to produce either a pdf, jpg or tiff files etc. The file is then screen digitised/redrawn by a suitably qualified CAD technician. This gives an accurately scaled and layered CAD perfect drawing.

What’s the Advantage of CAD Conversion?

Low cost, very high quality and intelligent CAD drawings. With fast turnaround for producing a CAD drawing file from dumb drawings held on paper, pdf, jpg or tiff. Sometimes drawings can be converted within a few hours.

Can any Drawing be converted?

Any type of drawing held on paper, pdf, jpg or tiff can easily be converted. If in doubt regarding the quality of your drawings, we will advise before proceeding.

Can my Existing Scanned Drawings be converted?

In 99% of cases, if the drawing was scanned at a minimum of 200dpi and at the correct settings, the drawing can be converted. Why not send us a sample by email for further discussion.

What formats will the conversions be in?

We produce CAD drawings in dwg, dxf, dgn or other requested formats.

Is the Conversion Expensive?

Drawing of low content can be converted to CAD from around £15 per drawing. The price will reduce significantly for 5 plus drawings. We also offer a unique price promise. If you supply evidence within 7 days of our quote that another supplier quotes a lower like for like price we will do the work for that price less 10% or refund you the difference if already invoiced.

What do I do now?
Simply email or post us a drawing for a CAD conversion price evaluation. enquires@kdhltd.co.uk We offer a free of charge conversion for your evaluation and piece of mind if you should have 5 plus drawings to convert to CAD.

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I know this project took a while and may have been a bit of a headache at times but thanks for sticking with it and getting the job done in the end. We will of course contact you in future if we need any other work done and will recommend you to other businesses if the opportunity arises.

Michael – Black Rook Studios

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